Mikey, BOB

Supernova9319, as he currently appears in Halo: Reach

Supernova9319 is the founder of the Army of Skulls for Halo 3 but due to emblem changes in Halo Reach has had to change it to the Army of Supernovas for use in Halo Reach. In Halo 3, Supernova9319 is a Gunnery Sargeant, Grade 3 with Security premutation with the Katana chest armour.

In Halo Reach, Supernova9319 is a Lt.Colonel, Grade 2 and currently has the JFO helmet with the UA attatchment, the COMMANDO left shoulder and RECON right armour and the COLLAR/BREACHER (R) chest armour with the TACTICAL/TACPAD wrist armour, the FJ/PARA knee guards and the BLUE VISOR colour.

  • Supernova9319 always has his Spartan in Black/Orange colour scheme.
  • Supernova9319 has just set up a website to help players with getting achievements for Halo games at
  • Supernova9319 is currently recruiting members for Zeta Company.